E Loader Manufacturer

I-Cat approved E-Rickshaw spare parts

BLDC Motor: Made in India

  • Ranges: 1000W, 1250W, 1500W, 1800W, 2000W
  • Efficient for heavy load and durability
  • Exclusively manufactured for quality choosers.

BLDC Motor: Make YF & CY

  • Ranges: 750W, 850W, 900W, 1000W
  • Efficient for high speed and consumes low power
  • Best for passenger Rickshaws and customized carts

Shock Absorbers

  • Ranges: 28mm and 43mm
  • Performs outstanding on all kinds of road conditions.
  • Zero maintenance.


  • Ranges: LED (3, 5,6) and filament bulb based
  • Stylish designs with great intensity
  • All designs available as per your choice.

BLDC Motor: Made in India

BLDC Controller

  • Ranges: 18 Tubes, 24 Tubes, 36 Tubes; 48V, 60V, 72V
  • Fire proof wires and low consumption of power
  • Resists heat in all weather conditions and so durable.

Differential Axle

  • Ranges: 33”, 35”, 38”, 40”, 42”
  • Frictionless experience with effective brake pads.
  • Hydraulic axle is available too.
  • Consumes negligible oil.

Accelerator with grip

  • Ranges: black and colored
  • Stylish designs.
  • Durable wires.

Tyres, Tubes and Rims

  • Ranges: 90x90x12,
    3.00-12, 3.75-12,
    4.00-12, 3.00-14
  • Tough roads specialists.
  • Unmatched grip on roads.

E-Pedal Rickshaw kit

  • Introducing a unique concept for conversion of pre-existing pedal rickshaws into motor-driven carts. Kit available.

Jain Power Corp is a trusted dealers, suppliers and service providers of I-Cat approved E Rickshaw Spare Parts and E-Rickshaw kit in Delhi, India.

JP Corp is leading e rickshaw spare parts trading company in Delhi, India which sell A to Z all the battery rickshaws spare parts. Our battery rickshaw spare parts section is divided into following categories:-

E-rickshaw Motors- The best thing about our battery rickshaws motor is that helps rickshaw to run continuously with a moderate speed. These motor have a high pressure handling capability, which help to drive battery rickshaw in congested and high traffic areas.

Tyre Controller- E-rickshaw or other vehicle which runs on motor needs a best quality of tyre controller. In the absence of the one, there are very good chances that a mishap may take place. But that’s not the case with battery rickshaws of JP Corp as they have best quality of tyre controllers. Our tyre controller will make your e-rickshaw, a safer and reliable vehicle.

E-rickshaw motor controller- JP Corp’s motor controller is a tough, durable and dependable product which has a high demand in the market. This spare part controls the whole inner mechanism of the rickshaw and enhances its performance.

E rickshaw kit- JP Corp sells various other miscellaneous battery rickshaws spare parts which make battery rickshaw functioning extra smooth. These spare parts will come in handy when there is need of some repairing work.
We are among the India’s trusted manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of E Rickshaw Spare Parts. The parts such as E Rickshaw Motors, E Rickshaw Motor Controller, E Rickshaw Engine Motor,E Rickshaw Tyre Controllers etc., are all combined together to develop the durable and eco friendly Rickshaw. The spare parts are tested for quality before their utilization in the manufacturing process. Apart, we also provide extra attachment with E Rickshaw like Free Driver Foot Mat, Free Rear Looking Glass and Free Tool Kit.

Our E Rickshaw Spare Parts are highly appreciated by many reputed patrons due to their following features: :

  • Available with 100w, 1250w, 1500w, 1800w Motors.
  • Loading Range: 400kg To 100kg.
  • Runs 70 kms on one charge.
  • Heavy Duty body with Durable Parts.
  • 4.00-12 Tyres With 43mm shockers.
  • Charging Time:- 8 Hours Max.
  • Customization In carrier size can be done.