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Deliver courier in a smarter way

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

The stylish look and surprising performance specifications, for example the loading capacity of 500 kg, combine to offer a unique mix of form and function that render Krishna E-Loader the ideal vehicle for urban transport applications, as well as an inimitable mobile retail outlet.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, Krishna E Loader represents the ideal solution for the most recent trends, such as the courier & cargo sector.

Capable of rendering any activity not only instantly recognizable, but also of lending an air of quality and prestige, Krishna E Loader provides the ideal backdrop to any type of street vending business, from traditional products such as courier parcel, grocery and food items, to regional and national specialities and niche sectors such as local delicacies and ethnic cuisine. Following are the highlights of Krishna E Loader being used by "Ondot Courier & Cargo Express":

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